Kirkwall Baptist Church


The KBC publications available online are PDF documents. If you do not already have a PDF reader you can click on the Get Adobe Reader image to go to the Adobe website to obtain a free download of the latest version. Choose the document you wish to view by clicking on the links provided.

KBC Brochure

The KBC Brochure describes some features of KBC, including the location of the church, details of the services and a brief summary of what we believe. There is also comment on some of the activities that go on at KBC, to which new folk are welcome, and reference to the Mustard Seed and Fairtrade.  The leaflet is aimed at visitors, new people joining the congregation and local folk who are considering coming along to worship with us.

KBC Connect

KBC Connect is a newsletter that appears periodically and includes a range of articles that give some insight into life at KBC. Connect is emailed out as a PDF document to most KBC folk and in printed form at the church.

KBC Access Leaflet

The KBC Access leaflet gives information about physical access to the KBC building as well as notes about the hearing loop, screen projection of song words and the name of the accessibility contact at KBC. See also the Accessibiity page on this site.