Kirkwall Baptist Church

About Us

At KBC we are a just bunch of ordinary folk who are passionate about God and want to put him at the centre of our lives and follow in his footsteps. We meet in the kirk building on Sunday mornings and evenings and many of us also meet midweek in Small Groups where there is more opportunity for personal discussions and close study of God's Word. Our KBC Brochure, available to view here as a PDF file, tells you a little about us but one or two things have changed and it is due to be updated. If you don't have a PDF reader use the Get Adobe Reader link to download the latest version from Adobe.

The About Us sub-menu pages include a Location Map and provide information about our Services and Accessibility for those with disabilities but visit our other Menu and Sub-Menu pages to learn more about our Social activities and the way in which we aim to include, encourage and teach the Youth of the church.

If we have news to pass on, a note will be put on the News page but some communications are made directly by email only to those known to be KBC attendees or in formal membership of KBC. If you attend KBC but are not yet on the mailing list, please make yourself known to the communications team in church and ask to be added.

Even if you are not a KBC attendee, you can still keep in touch with us by visiting this site for news and downloading our published communications and occasional speaker recordings.