KBC Ministry Reports 2019

Our church ministry reports for 2019 are now available. To download a printable PDF version click here (opens in a new tab). To download an EPUB version (viewable on smartphones and tablets) click here (needs to be unzipped first).

Summer Camp 2019: Westray

Summer Camp 2019 is from Monday 8th July to Thursday 11th July in Westray. It’s for Primary 3 to Secondary 1 age group. Click on the Links below for forms and information.

Click here to download the Camp Booking Form
Click here to download the Camp Handbook
Click here to download the Camp Checklist

Asha at Seafarers Charity Shop

Asha is in the Orkney Seafarers charity shop 3 Castle Street Kirkwall.Mon 10th to Sat 15th June. Please drop by with items to sell, or come to buy!

Building Work Update

Outside, work is underway to re-point the stone joints at the building frontage and re-roof the porch.
Meanwhile inside, the big scaffold has been taken down and work to the floor begins, with insulation between the floor joists, plywood base, and new oak flooring. New heating and electrical installations are ongoing.

24/7 Prayer week 26th May – 1st June

Marengo tea and Treasure Hunt to support ASHA. Sunday 12th May 2:30pm

A Marengo tea to support ASHA will take place on Sunday 12th May at 2:30pm – 5:00pm including a Garden Treasure Hunt and prizes. It takes place in the Marengo Community garden and the Marengo Centre.

Building Work Update

Casey Construction are continuing to make good progress with the work.

Insulation work is now almost complete and plasterboard linings are being fitted.

Meanwhile, at the upper level, decoration work is progressing at the ceiling.

At the back of the balcony framing, insulation and plasterboard linings coming along well.
And in the roof space- insulation has been fitted.
The whole building is being rewired, with a new electrical boards and switchgear. All will be hidden away in a separate cupboard.
In the next couple of weeks, scaffold will be erected at the main frontage to carry out repairs to the stonework and to replace the porch roofing.

Thanks, everyone for your continued gifts and donations. Inspections have shown that considerable extra work is needed to repair the floor joists and add new floor supports as well as additional repairs to the main church frontage. If you would like to contribute, please contact us using the details on the contact page.

Orkney Bible Festival Reunion 22nd – 24th March 2019

To download a PDF of this poster, click here.

Building Update 4th March

Casey Construction are making good progress with the work in the inside. Scaffold and a platform to access the ceiling have been erected and the wall framing is being fitted.

The pit to take the new baptistry is almost ready and insulation is being fitted in the new timber framing.

During the works, opening out the old walls and floors, a number of problem areas have been found so floor joist ends and supports will need to be replaced. 130 years with no damp course has left its mark.

The wall at the stair and above the windows and porch have been found to be particularly damp so an investigation was made of the west facing gable.

Sadly there are so many open joints in the stone that the gable is going to have to be repointed.

The Cross and globe at the top of the gable have been found to be loose, so a new fixing pin will need to be fitted.

We didn’t anticipate these additional repairs, so your continued support and contributions are very much appreciated. If you would like to pledge a regular amount or make a donation, please email me at the address in the contact page. Gift Aid would also maximise your gift if you are a tax-payer. Details are on the form we will send.

Our thanks too, to Mr Casey and his staff for the excellent job they are doing on the renovation work.

Building Renovations Update

Thanks to all the volunteers who cleared the building on Saturday 9th February. There were many more than the number here! It didn’t take long to empty the works areas.

By the end of the first week’s work, tradesmen from Casey Construction Ltd. had removed the old platform and external walls were being stripped back to the stonework.

Somewhere within these walls there is a time capsule placed by the United Presbyterian Church minister Rev Soutar during the building’s construction in 1888. The country was celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria at the time. You can read an extract of the history of the building here.

The building will need some additional repair works carried out, so thanks everyone for your continued contributions. We’ll keep you up to date as the work progresses. (For church service times and temporary venues we’ll update the home page each week.)