Creche and Nursery

The crèche and nursery, for KBC babies and toddlers of pre-school age, meet in the back rooms of the kirk after the main period of worship during Sunday morning services during school term time, except when family services apply. When the crèche and nursery are not operating, those who wish to take their young kids out of the main service may still use the back hall but must supervise their kids themselves.

The team supervising the kids is led by Ingrid Nicolson. If you attend KBC and wish to enquire about the Crèche or Nursery, please speak to Ingrid in church or Contact Us. In the Crèche the emphasis is all on play and socialising the kids in a safe environment. It also gives the helpers and some of the parents the opportunity to spend time together and provide mutual support when it’s needed. A sound system means that the main service can be listened to from the back room.

The Nursery prepares kids for moving up to Sunday School by introducing them to Jesus through Bible stories and activities from Bubbles, which is part of the Scripture Union Light Syllabus.