The Upper Room

Every Friday night from 8:00 to 9:30 pm, in school term time, young folk, led by Evangelism and Youth Leader Fraser Scott meet in the church premises, Victoria Street, Kirkwall to grow in their Christian faith.
They start with an ice-breaker: it’s just a bit of fun and helps lively people release their pent up energy (playing games like Concentration) before the serious part of the meeting. Then they sing some songs and that helps them get into a more serious frame of mind, focusing on God as they welcome Him into their time together.

There is usually a speaker or a DVD. It’s good for youngsters from KBC to meet other young Christians and for them all to hear how they are fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives. This helps them consider what God might want them to do.

They get into smaller groups for discussion and prayer: usually about five or six with a leader. Many people find it less intimidating in small groups. No-one has to pray aloud and it can be a little scary the first few times, but it is such an encouragement to everyone else.

So if you are of Secondary school age and interested in coming along to the Upper Room, please contact Fraser to find out more! ([email protected])